Best album ever?

Whats your favourite album of all time? Cheating maybe but, I know I’d be kept happy listening to the Beatles Blue album for the rest of my days on an Island!

Anyway, back to business, we may have just found your new top of the pops… We now supply the most fantastic albums you could wish for. Something super special was required to fit the bill, something high quality hand made with love & attention to detail and as soon as we found this company we knew they were the winners.

Folio Albums of Yorkshire was set up by Photographer Stewart Randall who wanted, like myself something a little more special, something that would really show off the photography in all it’s glory and also be made using such quality materials that it would last a lifetime and beyond!

Also, a subject close to Karen’s and my heart is looking after our environment wherever possible and the tip of the iceberg is that Folio Albums are an extremely Eco friendly company using recycled and sustainable materials. Even their leather sources are committed to sustainability and ethical treatment of animals.

Albums are available in several options:

8″ X 8″, 10″ X 10″ or 12″ X 12″  Albums can also be produced with Contemporary or Vintage Leather, padded or non padded. Folio  now also offer Cotton Covers in contemporary colours or with a photo print. Last but not least you can even have your names, date of your wedding or maybe even the name of your venue embossed on the cover.                                                                                     Needless to say, there are various price options amongst the array of albums and choices Folio can offer so drop me an E-mail for a quote of what you might be interested in and we will get straight back to you 🙂


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