Wedding Bliss…

As you may, or may not know, I photograph Weddings for one reason alone- I LOVE THEM!!! It is one of the happiest days in a couples life and I get to be a pretty big part in it. It is my job to capture the events as they unfold, not miss any of those special moments and finally present my pictures which tell the story of the day.

When I first met Amanda & Martyn for an engagement shoot, we hit it off straight away. We went for a walk in a local park and got some great family shot’s with their children. We talked and talked for an hour or so (possibly me blabbering on) and I just knew it was going to be a great Wedding

What I love is the fact that everyone is pleased to have me there whether they be the couple, parents or even guests. People are very friendly and are always enthusiastic towards my job on the day helping out wherever possible.

I always get on so well with everyone at a Wedding and have such a great time (hence why I chose to be a Wedding Photographer). But, every now and then I get a Wedding such as Amanda & Martyn’s where I get on with everyone so well, feeling like they are all friends I had not got round to meeting yet.

The hardest part about my job is remembering I’m not actually a guest when I get to work with such amazing happy people…



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  1. Benjamin Thomas says:

    Rob, these are really excellent! I feel like I was there…

  2. Namecarol evans says:

    Nice job Robert xx

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