J’adore Hillbark Hotel Wedding’s
OK so, I really, really like being the photographer at a Hillbark Hotel Wedding. Having been built-in 1891 the owner decided to move house in 1929. However, when they moved house, they actually ‘moved’ the entire building. It was painstakingly taken down brick by brick and every part hand written on the back where it belonged. The entire building was then reassembled in its current location, Frankby.
When you see Hillbark Hotel in the flesh it really is something to behold and the fact its been taken down and rebuilt just makes it even more amazing in my eyes.
Anyway, back to today’s Wedding and my J’adore of Hillbark, the link is the Groom Alex’ side of the family are French. This made for some interesting speeches in French and English while the respective translated versions printed were handed out to read as each was spoken.
As the day turned to-night, language barriers seem to disappear and everyone got along like a house on fire
One of the most special moments at Hillbark is when the Bride to be crosses from above for all the guests to catch a glimpse of. Meanwhile the Groom is still below waiting to see…




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