new orleans jazz arrives at Hillbark Hotel

From the minute I met Fran & Sam, I knew this was a Wedding not to be missed! When we met at Hillbark Hotel for an engagement shoot, both Fran and Sam’s Mothers were also there as they had been for a tasting to choose what they would like on the Wedding day. The pressure was really on now as I had the watchful eyes making sure Id do a good job of capturing their children! Alas, any tension of my audiences watchful eye was soon washed away when I realised what a barrel of laughs the family were. The fact that they were also keen to get involved in pictures was a bonus!

Anyway, several weeks later and we arrive at the big day! Family had literally flown in from various corners of the globe for the Wedding day, L.A. and the Philippines to name just a few.

Whether this had been for a Wedding Day or not, getting so many fun friends and family together on this scale was always going to make for a great event. Having a New Orleans jazz band play for everyone topped the day off so well and really added to the party vibe.hillbark-wedding-wirral hillbark-hotel-photographyfran & sam

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2 Responses to “new orleans jazz arrives at Hillbark Hotel”

  1. NameShirley Murray says:

    a fantastic day, magical music, thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.

    • Rob says:

      Shirley there are some Weddings I would love to attend over and over again… This truly was a pleasure being part of Fran & Sam’s amazing Wedding!

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