Cape Town calling

It is a little known fact that my Wife grew up in South Africa. If you have ever met her you will be well aware of just how passionate she is about the place and rightfully so…

Towards the end of last year, Karen and I were both sapped of all life. We both needed cheering up, a real break and somewhere to recharge our batteries. After trawling the web for cheap winter sun we just got more confused and frustrated than before we had decided to go on holiday.

Eventually we had a eureka moment… The place we needed our recharge and eye’s opening to life again was non other than South Africa! After a good clear out at car boot sales and on eBay we got ourselves two tickets to the motherland.

The shots I’ve taken here do not fall into a single category. I could have done a separate wildlife, landscape or urban blog but the thing with South Africa and Cape Town, it is all these things rolled in to one!

A harsh reminder below of how people lived under apartheid rules ‘NON WHITES ONLY’ bench


8 Responses to “Cape Town calling”

  1. johnny-reggae says:

    Wow. some beautiful pics kid!

    It looks like a wonderful place.

    I didnt realise Evan’s was there with you as well? About 8 pics down?! He seems happy though.

    Loving the statue pics as well. Some really interesting sights!


  2. Karen aka "the wife" says:

    Wow, eventhough I have seen most of the pics I still just shed a tear with your narrative.

    Thank you baby, I love them all but not nearly as much as I love you.


  3. steve aspinall says:

    Some great images Rob, I particularly like the mono of the guy who obviously doesn’t have much, there’s a statement there somewhere, just shows it’s not all about rich whites and poor blacks. The bench also a statement of something that should be left in the past, but in reality probably still lingers on. Keep up the great work,

    • Rob says:

      Steve thanks so much for your comment, I know what you mean. I love people watching and love to get candid shots of peoples faces full of expression. It draws me in to the picture wondering what is on their mind…

  4. Ben says:

    Amazing pics!

  5. Jane - aka George's other half says:

    Brilliant pictures & words x

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