South Africa Garden route

Having explored Cape Town it was time to hit the road and explore the Garden Route. In contrast to the big City, we decided a little detour was in order for some laid back living off the beaten path, Prince Albert was our first stop…

South Africa Garden Route

The views just seem to get bigger, better and more jaw dropping by the day. Early rises for warm colourful sunrises which brought the town to life, day’s out on safari getting up close and personal with the locals to the most fantastic night sky’s you cannot imagine, well you can, look below!

The local Twister champion was out showing some moves for us^^^

3 Responses to “South Africa Garden route”

  1. Beautiful pics! Especially love the last one, WOW! 🙂

    • Rob says:

      Thanks Karli, first time I ever tried any night sky photography!! Ive got another post coming up and a grabbed a nighttime shot during a thunder storm, watch this space…

  2. Karen says:

    I love the animals the most, they all had so much character and you can see it in these photo’s. The warthogs were my fave and the milkly way was just breathtaking. You did really well to capture it.

    Lovely reminder of a wonderful holiday xx

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