A match made in Hollywood

Meet our new friends Sian, Yannis and of course little Roman! When I first met Sian for a coffee to talk through Yannis’ and her wedding I knew straight away this was going to be a fun and creative shoot! It turns out Sian, Yannis and myself have had similar education in the past and have very similar interests such as coffee, cinema and traveling.                                                                                           I suggested an engagement shoot at a real traditional  cinema, non of this fandangled Vue or Odeon IMAX 4D all singing & dancing…

With the seed of a cinema engagement shoot planted in Sian’s head, she contacted (pestered) all the local traditional cinema’s we could think of. As fate would have it, a little old place now known as the Plaza Community Cinema responded and welcomed us to use their humble 1930’s cinema as our set. It just so happened that Sian and Yannis had an ‘outing’ (Not a date!) to a Bob Dylan evening at the Plaza when they first met.                                                                                                                                  Along with their great love of film, traveling is also a mutual love my wife and I share with Sian and Yannis. Their travels have taken them to many historic films sights, until one day they ended up on the rooftop of Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre (home of the Oscar’s), this is where Yannis would get down on one knee and pop the question Sian could not refuse.

8 Responses to “A match made in Hollywood”

  1. Deano says:

    Wow they are amazing mate!! Good work!!

  2. Dave Flynn says:

    I like shot with the 3D glasses, the boy’s face makes it. Shooting in a dark cinema must have presented some new challenges for lighting etc?

    • Rob says:

      Yes, Roman certainly is not camera shy! It was actually lit in the cinema, just some sneaky use of off camera strobe and a high aperture 😉

  3. Dad says:

    Great work son xx

  4. Maggie and Roger says:

    Lovely pictures! The ‘old style’ cinema setting is perfect. Good mix of colour, sepia and monochrome pictures. The wedding photos should be something special! xxx

  5. Maggie and Roger says:

    Should have added we are Sians mum and dad!!

    • Rob says:

      Glad you like the Maggie and Roger. Really looking forward to the big day and getting more shots of such a fun family 😀

  6. Angela Adlard Floristry says:

    Wow these are amazing!! what a gorgeous family they are, Roman looks like he had a great time and i love the smoochy photo where their kissing – love them all x

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